Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 3 – Heart Search by Robin D. Owens

So Im on a roll…will get in one more review for the evening and then crawl into bed.

The 3rd book I am reviewing is by one of my favorite authors, Robin D. Owens.  The genre is SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal and Owens builds a wonderful new world, Celta, where anything can happen – people and familiars can teleport, houses are alive and charming social graces abound.

This is the 10th in the series and tells the story of Laev T’Hawthorne, a high GreatLord and Camellia Darjeeling, who turns out to be the great granddaughter of one of the original ship captains.  This story has a charming tea room, great estate, a pair of Familiar cats that can speak and a grand rescue that culminates in the pair getting together as all Heartmates on Celta do.

Robin Owens has set her characters in a world anyone would want to visit and can find something engaging to enjoy.  Its got some of the rough and tumble of the wild west, characteristic figures of high class society and enchantment occurs around every corner and within every landscape.  Its a wonderful light and fun read.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

See you at the finish line!


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Read for pleasure, live in central jersey and am the queen of procrastination!
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