Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 4 – Dark Predator by Christine Feehan

Ok – I admit it…I love a good vampire romance.  Christine Feehan is one of the first writers to gain popularity writing this genre and I have been reading her for years.  Dark Predator is her latest offering in the Dark/Carpathian Series and I treated myself to this book over my Christmas holiday break.

Dark Predator follows the story of Zacarias De La Cruz and Marguarita.  Both characters had been introduced in previous books in the series. I thought the story was well developed but I felt that something was missing when I closed the book.  It wasnt as exciting a read as some of her other novels and it felt more like a filler and less like a stand alone story.   I really liked the setting of this book – a ranch set in the wilds of the jungle in Peru- and the isolation of the people and lack of modern conveniences.

One interesting point of this novel- the love interest was not the typical cute-pixie-tomboy/tall-glamorous-sophisticate but a local woman who had been living at the ranch for all her life and was of native origin.  I  would have liked to have seen a little more development of Marguarita’s character and a better understanding her thoughts rather than read her simple acceptance of being the mate to an ancient vampire. Her adventures were amazing – shooting the Amazon – but it felt underdone to me.

Also it would have been satisfying to have had some interaction with other characters who had been introduced to previous novels, namely Zacarias’ brothers.   I kn0w; this isnt high literature.  But I felt the setting for the story was better developed than the characters which was disappointing since Zacaria’s story had long been in the making by the author.  I will continue to read her since there have been other of her books that I have truly enjoyed but I just cant rate this one with a 4 thumbs up review.

See you at the finish line!


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