Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 6 – Divine Justice by David Baldacci

This is a very robust  murder mystery.  I “read” this book over the past few weeks and it definitely kept me on my toes.  Its not a novel for the faint of heart nor someone who doesnt like conspiracy theories.  Divine Justice by David Baldacci is a Camel Club book in which we learn John Carr a/k/a Oliver Stone’s story.

The book opens with Oliver cliff diving after killing someone and takes us along for the ride when Carr runs from Washington and the two men he killed.  As a highly trained yet aging ex CIA agent who was active in Viet Nam, his character is somewhat expected.  He rescues a young man named Danny on the train, blowing his cover, and the two head for Danny’s home to western Pennsylvania.  There things get very interesting. Carr meets Abby, Danny’s mother and she holds him at gunpoint during their introduction.  Oliver really likes her and there is a budding romance entwined in the tangled mess Oliver finds around him.  The bizarre locals include Meth-addicted miners, a prison warden running his own fiefdom and a crooked judge and his secretary.  Add into it a drug ring, the Camel Club searching for Oliver and a stand up Fed chasing through the countryside looking for the man who commited murder of two of Washingtons top secret agent veeps and you have a good – if a little overdone – novel.

I admit I was disturbed when Oliver and Knox were imprisoned and details of the unpleasant detainment were excruciatingly set out.  I dont generally enjoy the disturbing crooked prison/badly treated prisoner who is locked up although innocent and I especially dont like torture scenes but they were part of the story and necessary to build up a climatic end. And in the end, the good guys win, are pardoned from the president and go back to their lives.

I enjoyed this book and will continue to reach for Baldacci when I see it but I dont think this particular novel was as good as some of his other offerings.  That said, I would recommend it.

See you at the finish line!


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