Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 7 – Crave by JR Ward

Crave is a novel of the Fallen Angels written by bestselling author J.R. Ward.  This novel is a beach read — not very engaging, easy to skim through. This is the second in a series the author has written and honestly, I doubt I will read more of this series.

The premise of the novel is the original good versus evil with a twist – there actually *are* angels and demons fighting a battle and over souls in the book.  The premise is there will be 7 battles between good and evil and the winner of the most battles win the world.  Its kind of a surreal story based around Christian theology but I found it disturbing that the arch angels were not portrayed as warriors, the basic premise of the tenants of Christianity (ie- God sent his son to earth to be crucified for our sins) is ignored and honestly – the story just stalled!  Isaac Roth is arrested and Grier (the gorgeous rich girl) becomes his lawyer.  He slips away from her but cant leave her alone since he knows his ex-ops boss is coming after him.  Around all this is Jim Heron trying to save souls from the demon Devina – a demon that can slip in and out of bodies and celestial plans at will.

All in all – maybe this book will be of interest to someone who hasnt spent many hours in religious and theology class and who can handles a story line that fizzles out as the book reads on…



See you at the finish line!


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