Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 9-The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

In the Ideal Man by Julie Garwood, the typical romance begins with a shooting in a park.  Enter our hero and heroine.

Max Daniels is a FBI agent from Hawaii in hot pursuit of a modern day Bonnie-and-Clyde who open fire in a park full of people.  Enter Dr. Ellie Sullivan, brilliant young trauma surgeon (who happens to have legs up to here!).  Ellie had been sent away from her family at a young age after an older  local teenage boy escaped from an institution and manged to finally get her alone and after severely beating her, left her for dead.

Ellie has to go back home for her sisters wedding (her sister slept with Ellie’s fiance when Ellie brought him home to meet the family and is now marrying the looser). Max joins her for the wedding and manages once and for all to kill the evil, no-longer-instituionalized creepy neighbor who is living in his parents attic.

This book was not as good as the typical Garwood offering.  It lacked flow to the story but all in all, I enjoyed reading this book. I would have liked the plot to have been a little less choppy and the story to have flowed a little smoother.

And in the end, the Knight-in-shining-armor gets the pretty girl and they ride (ok-fly!!) off into the Hawaiian sunset to live happily ever after.  The end!

See you at the finish line!


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