Rachelmarjne #CBR4 Review 14&15 – IT Had To Be You and This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I had to review these books together as they are two of my favorite in Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars series.  I admitted before Im a sucker for a good romance and if its well written and has a great plot it goes on my bookshelf for numerous rereads.  These two were reread this spring with great enthusiasm and I decided to share a couple of my favorites with you.

It Had to Be You is the story of Phoebe Somerville, who inherits the Chicago Stars football team and a half sister Molly she didnt know, when her father dies.  He leaves her the team thinking she is a flakey bimbo who needs some responsibility and after a rough start, she settles in and takes on head coach Dan Calebow.  Dan is a legendary player turned head coach and goes toe to toe with Phoebe on how to run the team.  As the team heads toward a championship with Dan and Phoebe running the helm together, their love story blossoms. Molly is a lively character and blossoms with her sister.  When the championship game is on the line, Dan manages to recover after having his players try to throw the game in an effort to save Phoebe.   She gets away and in the end, Dan saves Phoebes life from a crazy fan and they settle into a happy ever after.

By the time SEP wrote This Heart of Mine, she was a much more experience writer and the characters were richer, brighter and more real life.  This Heart of Mine is the story of Molly and Kevin Tucker, one of Dan’s players-the daredevil star quarterback.  Molly, a childrens author, after giving away her inheritance from her hateful father, winds up with Kevin at a weekend lodge and hastily marries him when she finds herself pregnant.  After a miscarriage, Kevin resorts to bribery and takes her with him to visit his family campground.  While there, they fall in love and save each other; Kevin learns to settle down and be happy with his past and Molly learns to trust Kevin as they work the campground.  Molly’s childrens stories and the stories characters are featured throughout the book and are silly but engaging.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips manages to bring her characters to live on the page.  They arent all beautiful but they are real.  They arent all perfect but they learn how to combat their foibles.  Her writing draws you in and it doesnt stagnate but builds into a great ending where you get the happy ever after while the head coach is walking a poodle on its evening poop walk.


See you at the finish line!!


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